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Lets be honest we all love a gadget, we all use gadgets in some form every day like mobile phones for example or an amazon echo to turn our lights out for us but there are many other gadgets you may not be familiar with. I have Compiled a 15 item list of the coolest (in my opinion) affordable gadgets i could find on Aliexpress for under $200 (£150). Over time i may come across items i think are cooler than whats listed here and so will add them to the bottom as bonus items. Much like i do with my 20 Weird items list

15. Storm Glass – Weather Predictor

Weather interests me greatly, especially the type of weather where mother nature shows us her true power. This little storm glass will let you know what the weather will be like in the close future which is super cool if you ask me, and they are real cheap.

Check it out: Cool Storm Glass

Storm glass predicts the weather

These come in different shapes and styles, and different colored water but all essentially work the same way. Prices range from around $3 up to $30.

14. Mini USB Beverage Cooler – Refrigerator

Quite literally a cool gadget. This coke can cooler will keep your beverage cold while you are working on your laptop or keeping chilled in your car as you clean your windows. You get the idea, its not a mind blowing gadget but it has its uses right?

Read More on Aliexpress: Mini USB Refrigerator

Keep your beverages chilled

You can probably fit small bottles in this cooler as well. I like to chill chocolate (especially mars) so i’d probably use it for that purpose.

13. Waterpik Flosser

You might be a little underwhelmed by this one but i promise you people that have tried these have stuck with them. All over the internet i see people talking about how great they are with one person even stating that these are a life changing gadget. So its going on my list.

Check it out: Water Flosser

Gets where regular floss doesn’t

The main attraction with these things is that they get where flossing and brushing can’t, so overall leave you much cleaner and debris free.

12. Build Your Own Fidget Spinner

This is a great way to teach soldering/welding to your child. All the components are included all you need to do is put it together. It flashes all different colors and spins as it should.

Get One Here: DIY Fidget Spinner

Do it yourself Fidget Spinner

Obviously you will need your own soldering iron to build this little gadget. A little experience on your part is needed but even without experience it’s not too difficult.

11. Portable Safety Door Lock

You might not call this a cool gadget and that’s fine. I do think it’s a cool gadget and a priceless one because if like me you like to lock the kids out of the living room while you watch walking dead this is the perfect little tool for the job and its cheap.

Get Yours: Safety Door Lock

Portable Travel Door Lock

These are good for extra security in hotel rooms and holiday cabins. I’ll create a video on my channel showing you how effect they are when i get chance.

9. FMS RC Airplane 70mm Super Viper Jet 

I absolutely love RC toys, especially those that take to the air. I have never owned an RC jet plane before and i’ll be making this my first at some point in the new year.

See full Specifications: FMS Airplane Jet

RC FMS Jet Should be used by experienced pilots

If i do manage to get one of these i will upload a video to my YouTube channel to show you how it goes.

8. Face Bank

These face banks are one of the creepiest gadgets i have ever seen. Throw some batteries inside it and offer it some coins, it will gobble them up one after the other.

Get Yours Here: Coin Eating Face Bank

Creepy looking face bank

I don’t want to offend the box but it seems to resemble a monkey of some kind, not sure if that’s intentional or not. Just don’t feed it any banana’s.

7. Professional Graphic Tablet 

These things are super cool, especially if you are capable of drawing. You can use it for general drawing, graphs, and plans. Its compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. It has a bunch of other features i wish i could go into.

See full spec and details: Graphic Tablet

Draw up plans or simply browse the web

I think this is one of those gadgets that requires an owner who is already well acquainted with the tech world. Having said that if your new to this kind of thing but have patience then you should be OK.

6. Key-less Digital Door Lock

Another security item i have for you here. The Digital door lock is an awesome piece of technology that will change the way you live. No longer would you worry about losing your keys to the house.

Want more details? Click here: Digital Door Lock

Unlock the door with fingerprint, pin number and ID card

There are many types of digital door lock and if you are to consider getting one i suggest you take care to use a reputable seller with a product that has good reviews If you use the filters click “orders” and you will be met with a list of most ordered products which usually have the most feedback. There are some really good looking door locks but the link above links to all of them.

5. Levitating Plant Pot, Globe, and Bulb

These are awesome and i literally only discovered them 2 minutes ago. I first saw the plant pot on Aliholic.com then stumbled upon the globes and bulbs while browsing Aliexpress. I will definitely be getting a globe in future and possibly a plant pot too.

Levitating Globe

Get One here: Cool Floating Globe

Super cool levitating globe will impress visitors

There are many different colors to choose from, i like the blue but the gold/yellow one looks better visually.

Levitating Plant Pot

Get your own: Levitating Plant Pot

Levitating Plant Pot

I don’t think you can put a real plant in these which is a real negative for me but if you don’t mind fake plants or feel they are better suited to your home then they are a great addition.

Levitating Bulb

See more: Floating Bulb

Levitating Bulb will amaze the family

These are super cool and i’m going to get one in the new year. There are different kinds but i like this one because it’s got a mystical feel to it.

4. Fly Killing Salt Gun

These are amazing. Looking around at reviews these work like a charm and i’ll be getting one before summer comes back around that’s for sure. Hunting flies has been a fun thing to do since the beginning of time and these have allowed us to up our game.

Salt Gun Kills flies effortlessly

Get yours here: Salt Gun Bug Killer

Camo Fly Killing Salt Gun

There are a bunch of colors to choose from – i like the camo version, this way the flies won’t see you coming.

3. Smaffox 3D Pen

These are clever little pens and with some patience you can create awesome things. By you i mean your children of course.

See More Here: Super Cool 3D Pen

Make Cool Projects with a 3D Pen

These are not badly priced and would make a great gift for an artistic child or adult.

2. LAUMOX M69G FPV RC Drone With 4K Camera

See full spec here: Affordable Drone

I know, i know, drones have become a boring subject. But not a boring toy, this particular drone has a lot of good ratings and a lot of orders. It is priced very reasonably and i’ll be getting one soon myself. These are awesome gadgets to play with, especially the ones with good cameras on them.

EDIT: Since writing this i have come to find many many good affordable drones and now the link above directs you to the many drones available.

Fold-able Laumox Drone – selfie drone

This little thing does a lot more than just fly around, hand gestures will make it take pictures and videos, it has a headless mode meaning it will fly back to you if it gets lost. You get all you see in the image for less than $60. Amazing.

Recently bought the XKJ and compared it to my Mavic Mini.

1. TEVO Tarantula Pro 3D Printer – Aliexpress

You will have to forgive me on this one because its at the very top end of the affordable bracket. I had to add it because its a seriously cool gadget in my opinion. What’s cooler than being able to print off your very own action figure or whatever your imagination will allow.

Check it out on Aliexpress: Tarantula Pro 3D Printer

Easily Print off 3D Objects

I could go into great detail about this 3D printer but that’s not the aim of this article so if you want to know more then click the link above and check out some of the reviews where people have posted images of things they have created with this cool gadget from Aliexpress.

Well, that’s it. 15 items that i think are cool and affordable. I hope you enjoyed the read and found something new and interesting. If not then check back later where i will have probably added some bonus items below. Don’t forget to share this post and check out my YouTube channel.

Feature image by: Mukil Menon

By Tom-BFA

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