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17 Things i bought from aliexpress today

Hello, here im going to list 16 things i bought from Aliexpress today. Although by the time i have finished this article it will probably be tomorrow. So technically i bought them yesterday……

I have genuinely purchased all of these and I will be making individual articles and videos for every item once they have arrived so keep an eye out for those on my YouTube channel

Mini Camera SQ8 Micro DV Camcorder With Night Vision

Mini Camera SQ8 Micro DV Camcorder Night Vision
No one will see this hidden little camcorder

Want one? Mini DV Spy camcorder

I bought this without a memory card so it only cost me $9.73. Im not expecting anything magical from this little thing but i don’t need it to be the best in the business i just need it to catch my son not brushing his teeth in the morning so i can kick his ass. And i think it will be quality enough for the job. Watch out for the video on my channel to see how it works out. I actually bought this one on the 21st but added it here anyway.

This has since arrived. The instructions were so poor that i made a video manual.

SQ8 Mini DV Camera Manual

Skull Survival Hunting Knife

Survival Hunting Knife Mini Portable Key Edc Stainless Fold Camping Tactical Folding Pocket Ring Outdoor Tools
Fend off evil dwarfs with this knife.

Don’t live in fear Dwarf hunting skull knife

Is the area you live in plagued with evil Dwarfs? Get yourself a survival knife from Aliexpress and defend yourself. To be serious im not sure you can class a 6cm blade as being hunting worthy but these knives from Aliexpress are cheap and fun to collect. I’ll have a section on my YouTube channel just for the knives i buy from Aliexpress.

This has since arrived and i made an article for it here

UR SUGAR Rainbow Holographic Nail Polish

UR SUGAR Rainbow Holographic Gel Nail Polish 7.5ml Shimmer Neon Glitter
Make your finger nails all glittery

Check out: Holographic Nail Polish

My wife is a hairdresser and a nail technician. She pays a wholesale price of £15+ ($20) for a 7.5ml bottle of nail gel from a company called Alan Howard. Obviously when i saw how cheap it is on Aliexpress i had to get a bottle for her to try out. She is super professional so if its not good stuff i will let you know. But if it is as good as the gel she buys then maybe there is a profitable opportunity there.

Carabiner clip Knife

Use it as a fruit knife

Check it out: Carabiner clip Knife

Another knife i bought from Aliexpress. Nothing special really, I’ll use this one as a fruit knife most probably.

USB LED Lamp Strip

LED lights brighten up your living room

Have a look: LED light strips from Aliexpress

I was never a fan of this idea to be honest. Not sure why, it just wasn’t my thing and im fully aware its not a new thing. But now i have a newborn baby (5 days old) i think he would be intrigued by the bright LED lights. I got a 2m long strip which i hope is long enough for my TV. Cost me just short of $5. This has since arrived: Read Here

YAYOGE Builder Gel for Nail Extensions

YAYOGE Builder Gel for Nail extensions LED uv nail gel polish Hard gel varnish 15g Pink Clear White false tips Long Black case
Builder nail gel from Aliexpress

Look see: Pink builder gel from Aliexpress

Like the nail polish above this stuff is expensive to buy in the UK £20 ($26) while on Aliexpress it costs around $2. My wife will test this stuff out much the same way she will the nail polish. I’ll let you know how it pans out.

This has since arrived and been tested.

Testing nail gel from Aliexpress

JelBo 45 in 1 Mobile Phone Repair Kit

JelBo 45 in 1 Mobile Phone Repair Tool kit for samsungs and iphones
The full kit costs $12 on Aliexpress

Have a gander: 45 in 1 Mobile repair kit Aliexpress

My son broke is samsung phone when he tried to walk away with the charger still plugged inside it breaking the little plastic/metal thing inside. So it no longer charges and i will attempt to fix it when this kit arrives. The video will be on my YouTube channel.

Animal Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Toothpaste tube frog squeezer

Want less stress? Toothpaste tube squeezer Aliexpress

Im not ashamed to admit im one of lifes moaners and something i find myself moaning about often is the mangled wreck that is my toothpaste tube when the kids have finished with it. This will hopefully take care of that problem.

This has since arrived:

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Carved GodFather Music Box

Godfather Musical crank box

Get yours: The Godfather Music Box Aliexpress

This is an interesting little thing that i cant wait to arrive. I hope it plays the actual theme tune from The Godfather otherwise i wouldn’t see the point. I think it will because the seller says there are 30 style music themes which i guess means its gonna play what i expect it to. I will let you know on my channel when it arrives.

This has since arrived – watch the video below:

The Godfather theme tune music box

Gallium 99.99 Low Melting Point Metal

Gallium has a low melting point

Have a look: Pure Gallium from Aliexpress

I’ll be honest, i don’t know much about this stuff, i just saw the pictures and thought it was cool so bought it. I believe its similar to aluminium and has a very low melting point which allows you to mess around with it and have some fun. According to the listing you get a free mold to create one of those items you see in the image above. If you want to learn more about Gallium click this link

BalleenShiny Luminous Glow in The Dark Tattoos

Children’s Temporary Tattoos 

Want some? Glow In The Dark Tattoos Aliexpress

Saw this and thought my daughter would like them. They are tattoos that glow in the dark. No more needs said here. I now have these and made a video for it below.

12V Automotive Car Battery Tester

Car battery tester from Aliexpress

Check your car battery: 12V Car Battery Tester Aliexpress

I Had battery problems recently and had to borrow a battery tester to check whether i had full charge or not and to see if the alternator was faulty. Turns out it was a faulty starter motor instead which led to a lot of trying to start the engine which drained the battery. Although it wasn’t a fault with the battery it’s still a very useful tool for future.

This has since arrived and i made a video testing it.

12V Car Battery Tester Aliexpress

AK47 Gun Shaped Pocket Folding Knife

Gun shaped Knife Aliexpress

Get one: AK47 Knife

I like this one and it will be a cool addition to the collection. Its listed as looking like an AK47 but im not sure it does? Not that it matters, it looks like a gun in any case. Has a little torch on top too. Not a bad little knife costing nearly $3. We’ll see how the quality is when it arrives.

This has since arrived and i made a video for it:

MOTO Cross Bike Technic Style Build

Technic style motorbike

Get one: Technic motorbike Aliexpress

I Love toys like this, they allow you to escape the world for a while. Judging by the pictures this is a decent size bike which is awesome. Cost me around $12 which i think is a bargain. You can watch me build it on YouTube when it arrives.

Edit: It did arrive and i built it which was super fun. The quality is amazing.

Baby Handprint Footprint Imprint Kit

Put your baby handprint in a frame

aww: Baby footprint and handprint Aliexpress

These are a good idea and perfect as gifts to loved ones after a child is born. I will use these particular ones on my new baby boy. They are non toxic so there are no worries there. They are cheap too so you can buy one for the whole family.

Air Drying Soft Clay Baby imprint

Keep your babys footprint in a frame

Something else i got to use on my baby is one of these clay cast thingys. Again these are perfect as gifts for grandma and grandpa and other family members. I’ll let you know how these turn out in a video once they arrive.

That’s it thanks for reading, i hope you at least found some of those interesting. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and like my Facebook page.

Featured photo by Andre Benz.

By Tom-BFA

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