Thu. Nov 12th, 2020
16 Things I Bought From Aliexpress For under $2

I literally just bought 16 things from Aliexpress for less than $2 each and i want to share with you what they are. Note that some of the items where in a flash sale and right now as you read this they may have reverted to the old price. When all these items arrive i will make a video of me opening all of them.

Note: 6 of these things are the same thing but not……if that makes sense. Read on you’ll see what i mean.

1. Collectable Pins/Badges

Since my son was born 3 months ago i have been collecting pins for him. No idea why it just seems like a good idea. In the UK they have been costing me around £3 each, so naturally when i spotted them on Aliexpress for less than $2 each i wet myself and bought 6 of them.

1A. Super Mario Pin

Collectable Super Mario Pin

Item Link: Mario Pin

1B. BeetleJuice Pin

Collectable Beetlejuice Pin

Item Link: Beetlejuice Pin

1C. IT Pennywise Pin

Collectable Pennywise Pin

Item Link: IT Pin

1D. Bart Simpson Pin

Collectable Bart Simpson Pin

Item Link: Bart Pin

1E. Stranger Things Pin

Collectable Stranger Things Pin

Item Link: Stranger Things

1F. Ghostbusters Pin

Collectable Ghostbusters Pin

Item Link: Ghostbusters Pin

2. Cats Eyes Car Decal Sticker

Peeking Eyes of a Cat

Item Link: Car Sticker

The kids will like this one which is why i bought it. Looks kinda cool.

3. Fingerless Flashlight Glove

Flashlight at your fingertips

Item Link: Fingertip Flashlight

I can think of a zillion situations where this would be useful. Under the kitchen sink being one of them, or in the electricity cupboard, be useful for under the bonnet of the car in dark conditions too.

4. Multi Tool Key Ring

8 in 1 Small Multi Tool

Item Link: 8 in 1 Multi tool

Mildly useful tool. It has screwdrivers, bottle opener, tweezers, nail file, and other tools. Be a nice addition to my keyrings.

5. kids Labyrinth Maze

Fun Labyrinth Maze

Item Link: Labyrinth Maze

I used to have a large version of this and loved it. It way better quality and maze bed tilted 4 ways using little knobs on the side. This won’t be as much fun but i’ll enjoy having a go anyway.

6. Princess Elsa Children Watch

Kids Frozen Watch

Item Link: Frozen Watch

Frozen has probably long since died but my daughter will like this watch with the princess on it. Not sure who the other person is? Let me know in the comments.

7.  Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets are Fun

Item Link: Round Magnets

Always fun to play with are magnets. My son will spend hours with little things like these.

8. Joke Retractable Dagger

Prank Retractable Knife

Item Link: Joke Knife

My son is young and gullible enough to believe i stabbed myself in the leg with this retractable knife. Little fake blood and i’ll have him turning white at the sight of me bleeding to death.

9. Boxing Glove Pendant

Boxing Glove Necklace

Item Link: Necklace

Obviously not real silver for $2 but i like the look of it and i happen to like stainless steel jewelry.

10. Mysterious Wooden Box

Secret Box

Item Link: Magic Box

I had a more expensive transparent version of this box and it had all my family and friends fooled. Such a simple thing but very effective at causing frustration. Hopefully this will be made well enough to provide the same effect.

11. Cool Spinning Pen

Pen Rotates on Finger

Item Link: Spinning Pen

Never seen one of these before and bought it purely for that reason. My son will love it if it actually spins on one finger.

And that’s it for today’s purchases. When they arrive i’ll make a video on my YouTube channel opening them all in one go. Thanks for reading. Leave a comment below if you so wish.

I have now made the video

By Tom-BFA

9 thoughts on “16 Things I Bought From Aliexpress For under $2”
  1. Do not give magnets to children. There have been countless reports of children swallowing them and they get locked together and lodged in their intestines and require surgery. Some have died.

  2. It’s amazing how much high quality pop culture items can be found in wish for cheap. It beats paying retail

  3. I love novelty stuff never heard of this site glad I found your article going to have to check them out!

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