Thu. Nov 12th, 2020
253 Piece Lego MOTO Cross Bike Review - Bought from Aliexpress

I have had plenty practice building toys like this, mostly because when my kids get them for Christmas they can’t be bothered building them. Luckily for me i enjoy building Lego style toys, especially ones that are fully operation afterwards like this Moto cross bike from Aliexpress. (Video at the bottom of this page)

I should mention that this is not an official Lego Technic toy, but unless your a collector of Lego it shouldn’t bother you in the slightest especially since the quality is exactly the same, i kid you not the parts are superbly made just as the official Lego parts are which i’ll be honest surprised the hell out of me. Not because i expected rubbish but because it cost me so little, i mean $12 (£9) is nothing for a toy like this.


For an official Lego Technic bike of similar build it can cost you around $60-$100 which makes this particular bike even more attractive because it costs a fraction of those numbers for the same quality.

Functioning Engine

One thing i love in particular on this moto cross bike from Aliexpress is the engine. Its a working engine which means when you push it along the chain rotates the cogs which in turn causes the pistons move back and forth in the cylinders. Super cool.

My wife wonderfully demonstrates this below.


The bike, once built is quite large. Larger than i expected it to be (i didn’t check measurements before buying) It measures: 30cm Long x 17cm Tall when built. Which is pretty big especially for small hands.


The booklet instructions are on point and really visually detailed. I managed to get from beginning to end of the build without much stress at all which is great. Sometimes these things come with instructions that leave you super frustrated because they are not clear.


The age rating given is 6+ years old but i ignore that kind of thing, if you think your child is capable and wont eat the parts then any age is fine.


  • 253 pieces with a few extra bits spare
  • Challenging to build
  • Fully functional
  • Well made and solid pieces
  • Costs just $12
  • Excellent instruction booklet
  • Large Size


  • Doesn’t come in a box
  • One choice of color


I made a video of me building this bike on YouTube. Its a little long and boring but you can skip through. The bike had been built by the 10 minute mark roughly so skip to that if you wish.

Get yours. link: 253pcs Moto x Bike Aliexpress

Unboxing Motocross Technic Style Motorbike From Aliexpress

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