Thu. Nov 12th, 2020

I like magic. I think most people do and anyone that’s ever bought an illusion from their local magic store will know full well how expensive they can be. Im here to show you that you can perform those same powerful illusions for a fraction of the cost.

I have bought 5 tricks from AliExpress and here i will show you them in videos. I will also compare prices on AliEpress with prices on which is a popular website for buying magic tricks.

You are free to tell me how badly i perform these tricks in the comments below but just so you are aware……i already know im not a good magician. Im also aware that my video editing skills suck.

Exploding Dice Illusion

I like this one because its visually impressive yet super simple. It can be performed anywhere at anytime and will impress adults as well as children. I threw in a card trick for the hell of it in this video. The quality of mine was a little questionable. The dice decals where a placed off centre but it didn’t detract from the illusion i don’t think.

Price On $1.09 – Price on $34.95
Get yours here: Exploding Dice AliExpress

Classic Coin Escape Illusion

This is one of those illusions i remember as a child. My grandad would perform this one every time i saw him, and as much as i tried i could never work out how it was done. Of course i became an adult and found out how it worked which left me disappointed not because then it lost its magical pull. The quality of this one was brilliant but i wouldn’t bother using the cloth as its not big enough, use your own handkerchief.

Price on AliExpress: $0.32 – Price on Hocus-pocus: $19.95
Get yours Here: Coin Escape AliExpress

Bitten and Restored Coin Trick

Super simple illusion is the bitten and restored con trick. Can be performed anytime, anywhere and to anyone. You’ll probably find this one works best with children. Adults tend to guess quite quickly how it was done. Although if your a pro magician you’ll have the skills to pull it off. But of course a pro magician wouldn’t have a suitcase full of tricks from AliExpress. (A point which i will elaborate on at the end of this article).

Price on Aliexpress: $0.57-$1.00 – Price on Hocus Pocus $18.95
Want one? Here: Restored Coin AliExpress

Coin Penetration through Rubber (Penacoin)

Now this really is a good Illusion and will astonish all your friends and family. All coin penetration tricks when done right are a real treat for those lucky enough to not know how its done. The coin through rubber penetration trick does require some set up but its worth the extra effort.

Price on AliExpress: $0.91 – Price on Hocus Pocus: N/A
Try it out: Penacoin AliExpress

Smoke Illusion: Vanish a coin

This stuff is amazing and the possibilities with this are endless. It was super fun performing this to my kids. They were amazed at the smoke coming from my fingers. The quality of these smoke sheets is perfect. They work really well.

Price on AliExpress: $0.89 – Price on Hocus pocus: N/A
Get yours here: Finger Smoke AliExpress

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That’s 5 illusions for less than $5.00/£3.80 and while the quality isn’t always the best you can still perform amazing trickery which will impress your kids, girlfriend, friends, and work colleagues. Having said that if your planning on a career in magic it’s best to buy your equipment from a reputable wholesaler.

Thanks for taking the time to read/watch this article i hope you liked it. Please feel free to comment below.

By Tom-BFA

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