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8 cool cheap magic tricks aliexpress

I am back with 8 more cool and cheap illusions/magic tricks from Aliexpress. If you didn’t see my last article click: 5 magic tricks from aliexpress – There is a VIDEO at the bottom of this page where i perform all the tricks together. DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be anything other than a mediocre magician hehe.

1. Magic Box and Ball Illusion

This is one of my favourites because its simple to do, can be done close up, and if done smoothly it will impress your audience. It costs less than $2 including postage too which is great.

Magic Box and Ball Illusion will impress

Trick 1 Revealed

I’ll do this with all the tricks so if you don’t want to read it then just ignore these segments.

So in the main video i did (bottom of this page) you see me show the audience the box. I placed the lid on the box and showed you elastic bands, i then wrapped the elastic bands around it – i then presented the red ball and tapped on all the sides of the box. Then under the cover of my hand i managed to penetrate the box with the red ball. How? I quickly moved the lid off the top around to the side as i showed you the elastic bands. But you knew that right?

Get Yours – Link: Magic trick 1

2. Sponge Penis Trick

This one requires a lot of practice to do right. In the video i didn’t do it the correct way at all and instead improvised which you probably picked up on.

Sponge penis magic
Shocked faces are certain with the sponge penis trick

Trick 2 Revealed

This for me is a difficult trick to perform and i didn’t do it the way it should be done. This trick is all about deception and palming – the ability to palm (hide in your hand) the balls is important to do this right. You basically make the person your performing to believe that they have 3/4 red balls in their hand – you ask them to think of something they really enjoy and when they open their hand out pops a penis much to their embarrassment.

Get Yours – Link: Magic Trick 2

3. Cunning Card Trick

This is a clever trick that is sure to baffle your friends and family. It takes very little practice and has only a few basic steps to remember.

This card trick will baffle friends

Trick 3 Revealed

Simple but effective. This deck is a Svengali deck. This deck allows a beginner to perform amazing card tricks with little effort. Every second card in this deck is a 6 of hearts. Each of those cards is a little shorter than the rest of the deck. This is why they don’t show when im ruffling through the deck but they are just big enough to cover the faces of the other cards when i turn the deck over and deal them onto my hand.

Get Yours – Link: Magic trick 3

4. Coin Penetration Through Glass

I don’t think this one is as impressive as the coin penetration through rubber trick that i previously (on YouTube) showed you but its still a very cool trick when performed smoothly.

Clever coin trick that will fool the audience

Trick 4 Revealed

Your probably already thinking that the coin tray has something to do with this illusion, and you would be right in thinking so because without this tray the trick can’t work. The way this works is the center of the tray needs to be pushed outwards creating a kind of dimple, when the glass is pressed down on the tray the dimple is pushed back inwards forcing the coins to jump. When i first placed coins on the tray i added two 5 pences and one 10 pence. The second 5 pence was under the 10 pence the whole time.

Get Yours – Link: Magic Trick 4

5. Vanishing Coin Illusion

This is one of my all time favorite tricks because its super simple yet very impressive. Once the coin has vanished your hands and sleeves can be inspected afterwards which gives the illusion more impact.

Trick 5 Revealed

OK so we needed help from a little something to do this one. Rather than put images here i will link to the images instead because anyone that doesn’t want to know won’t be able to avoid seeing them. The images pretty much tell all there is to know.

Image 1:

Image 2:

Get Yours – Link: Magic Trick 5

6. Three minus one = Two

An old classic this one and another simple trick to perform. You give 3 coins to one of your audience, you ask them to clench their fist around them – wave your hands say a few magical words and hey presto, when they open their hand only 2 coins are there.

This coin trick can be performed any time any where.

Trick 6 Revealed

These 2 videos show how this works so i don’t think i need to say anything more other than practice makes perfect – but it is a simple trick to do.

Get Yours – Link: Magic Trick 6

7. Levitating Card Trick

I first saw this trick at Disney Land Florida. Some guy was walking around performing it and performing it extremely well because i couldn’t for the life of me work out how he was doing it. I bought the DVD from him and to be honest i was disappointed because the whole mystery had been removed. But performed well this is a visually amazing trick.

Amazing visual trick when done smoothly

Trick 7 Revealed

This trick isn’t terribly difficult to do – in fact the hardest part is making sure the invisible string stays stuck behind your ear. Once you do that its all about how smooth and natural you can be.

Get yours – Link: Magic Trick 7

8. Levitating genius

I didn’t know what to name this because it covers all levitation tricks, well kind of. The way this one works is simply genius. I will probably make a video separately for this one and go into more detail.

Watch as the receipt travels across the table

Trick 8 Revealed

And finally we have this trick. Honestly, if you can master the art of being smooth and natural you will create amazing magic with this one. I didn’t do this one justice at all. Im not going to give anything away here in this article instead im just going to give you this link

Now that you have seen it you can see how it would work. I hope you try it out and don’t feel underwhelmed by it now you know. The best magicians in the world use this because they can create seriously amazing magic.

Get your own – Link: Magic trick 8

8 Cool Cheap Magic Tricks Video

You can see all of the tricks performed one after the other in this video. Im not the best at this kind of thing even though i enjoy trying so please keep that in mind.

8 tricks in a row

Thank you for reading/watching i really do appreciate it. Im not the best at editing but hopefully it turned out OK enough for you to enjoy. If you need anything please leave a comment below or email me via my contact form at the bottom of the page.

Featured Image Thanks To: Aziz Acharki

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