Thu. Nov 12th, 2020
8 Cool Expensive Things on Aliexpress you’ll Never Buy

I have compiled 8 of the most expensive but cool things you can purchase on Aliexpress but will probably never buy yourself. When you have finished here why not check out r/AliexpressAddicts on Reddit and share with us your own purchases.

8. Large Luxurious Safe

Automatic Watch winder Safety box Watch Safe
The Safe Comes in 2 Colors

I’d love one of these if 1. I could afford it and 2. If i had any valuables to put inside it. These come with a bunch of automatic watch winders, Luxurious drawers and a space for larger items such as a suitcase. These safes scream luxury with quality leather and high gloss finishes and can be customized to your needs.

7. Telescope CGEM II 925

Astronomical Telescope CGEM II 925 HD
Professional Deep Space Stargazing

Apologies for the image quality on this one, i can’t find a solid picture anywhere. You’d think such an expensive Telescope such as the CGEM II 295 would have professional sales images. Anyway, this super cool toy will allow you to see the stars but will cost you the earth!

6. Inflatable Water Park

Custom build a waterpark
Custom build your own water park

Few things surprise me these days, especially on Aliexpress but i was surprised to find you could buy and customize your very own water park.

5. Build Your Own Child’s Playground

Customize your very own children's play area.
Customize your very own children’s play area.

Much like the water-park you can customize this children’s play area to suit your needs. The price is set at $100 but clearly that’s not going to be the real cost. You’ll probably need to message the seller with your ideas to get a quote.

4. 6.5 Tonne Excavator

Buy 6.5 tonne excavator from china
Big boys toy

Holy crap if i had the money i would 100% buy one of these bad boys – and use it to bury my mother in-law in the yard. Check out these crazy people in the video below doing silly things with excavators.

Super crazy people and excavators

3. 1/8 Scale German Tiger I RTR Tank

1/8 Scale German Tiger I RTR RC Tank from aliexpress
This RC Tank Weighs over 60KG

Please Santa bring me an RC Tiger Tank this year. This beast of a toy is made from various metals including steel, aluminium, and zinc alloy. It has little extras like a shovel, and a sledgehammer attached to the body. It even fires out of its gun and pulls real life cars. There is an 8 minute video on the sales page of a guy playing with it. Awesome!

2. E-Bikes – Electric Bicycles

Don’t know about where you live but round my way these E-bikes are becoming extremely popular among the green brigade. There are many variations and styles and i think i like the vintage one above the most.

1. Robotic Security Guard/Waiter

Clever these robots. They will show you menu’s, show you to your tables, recognize your faces, they will even sing you a song. Micheal Jackson once said children are our future but im not so sure.

Well, that’s it hope you enjoyed the read. Tell us your favorite in the comments below. Thanks for visiting. Featured Photo by Josh Rakower on Unsplash

By Tom-BFA

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