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Like many people i am a fan of The Walking Dead and while i was watching an episode yesterday it got me wondering how i would react in a similar situation, which in turn led me to a question and an idea for an article…… This next bit is gonna sound silly but stick with me here.

OK so i wake up one morning (around 8am) and my family is nowhere to be seen or heard. I look out of the bedroom window i see zombies everywhere and i realize im in serious trouble. But luckily for me there is a huge Aliexpress Storage facility just a few streets way from me. (I know)

I drive to the facility in my 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra, enter the building and lock the doors. Its a Sunday and no one is working that day, the security guard is locked in the toilet after turning into a zombie while having a poo (sorry). I have loads of fun from this point playing with all the gadgets and toys. But eventually i realize i have to go out and look for survivors. To do this i would need a truck and a zombie survival kit to help me on my way……so……

Table of Contents:

Could i gear myself up with a comprehensive zombie survival kit from Aliexpress?

Well we are going to find out. Im about to share with you a fully comprehensive list of items that will make up my Zombie apocalypse survival kit and all from Aliexpress – with maybe one or two exceptions. I want to mention that these items can be purchased anywhere, not just Aliexpress.

I am not going to list prices and product info, if you are curious i will put a link to each item underneath.

Zombie Survival Clothes

OK so clothes are obvious, but not just any clothes, we need tough clothes. We need only one set therefore they must be able to handle months of abuse and endure all kinds of nastiness. They will need plenty of pockets too. And even though no one else is alive to impress we want to look cool and tough right? Whether you are a Man or Woman.

Baseball Cap

I wear a baseball cap often so this is a must for me. We should probably go camo with this since the rest of our gear will be camo.

Camouflage Cap Aliexpress
Camouflage Cap Aliexpress

Link: Zombie survival cap

Polarized Sun Glasses

Polarized sun glasses are a must, they prevent glare from water, windows and other stuff. Nothing special needed here just some plain light weight black ones will suffice.

Polarized sun Glasses Aliexpress
Polarized sun Glasses Aliexpress

Link: Polarized Sun Glasses

Camouflage Jacket

Took me a while to settle on this one, there are so many on Aliexpress. I have gone for a darker/woody style camo since i think it best suits where i live. Be better with more pockets but the backpack will help us with that. We don’t want the trousers (not enough pockets) just the jacket.

Camo Jacket Aliexpress
Camo Jacket Aliexpress

Link: Camo Jacket Aliexpress

Camouflage Trousers

Gone for these trousers since they are similar in style to the jacket which is important. They have 6 pockets also which is super helpful.

Camo Trousers Aliexpress
Camo Trousers Aliexpress

Link: Camouflage Trousers


A simple T shirt will do, preferably with the same camo as the jacket. Thermal would be good for the cold nights but that wouldn’t be an issue if we were house hopping on our travels.

Cam T Shirt Aliexpress

Link: Camouflage T Shirt Aliexpress


Again nothing special needed here. We just need gloves with good grip and ones that allow you to pop your fingers out to do tasks such as lighting matches and that kind of thing.

Camo Gloves Aliexpress
Camo Gloves Aliexpress

Link: Camouflage Gloves

Hiking Boots

I would probably have 2 pairs of boots and tie a pair to my back pack. Obviously we want decent boots for walking in that are waterproof and durable. We would be travelling miles through wooded areas to reach other towns and cities so they need to last. Obviously you will need warm socks from Aliexpress to go with these boots.

Camo Boots Aliexpress

Link: Camouflage Boots Aliexpress

Tactical Vest

Last but not least in our clothing segment is the tactical vest. These things are great for holding all manor of things and as you can see from the picture this one is covered with pockets allowing you to keep all kinds of items on your person. Slight issue with it being a totally different color to the rest of our camo gear but what the hell its a cool vest.

Front of the Tactical Vest
Front of the Tactical Vest
Back of the Tactical Vest
Back of the Tactical Vest

Link: Tactical Vest

Zombie Survival Weapons

Weapons will be an integral part of my zombie survival kit, especially so if i see my mother in-law while im out looking for life. Know what i mean? Since noise attracts hoards of zombies i will need an assortment of silent weapons both for long range and short range kills. That’s where knives and crossbows come in. Perfect tools for silently taking out zombies (and the mother in-law). There are no guns in this list since i can’t find any on Aliexpress. But that’s OK we will steal them from zombiefied armed cops.


Massive fan of crossbows, they are lightweight, quiet, and lethal in capable hands. Sadly i couldn’t find a crossbow on Aliexpress so the next best thing will have to do.

Archery Compound Bow

This seems to be the ideal second choice bow. 35-70lbs Draw weight is more than enough to kill a zombie and any decent sized animal. I may have misunderstood but in the sellers listing it seems to suggest you can add a fishing reel onto the bow. I assume this is to help you locate small kills afterwards which is helpful i suppose.

Archery Compound Bow Aliexpress
Archery Compound Bow Aliexpress

Link: Zombie Killing bow

Tomahawk Axe

Im going for the lightweight tomahawk axe over a machete from Aliexpress for 2 reasons. 1. I prefer them, and 2. There are no machete’s on Aliexpress. If you search machete on Aliexpress a bunch of machete looking products are listed but on closer inspection they are a fraction of the size they should be.

Tomahawk Axe Aliexpress
Tomahawk Axe Aliexpress

Link: Lightweight Tomahawk Axe

Slingshot catapult

Never knew this type of catapult existed until now. And boy they do look fun. So much so im going to buy one of these real soon and show you guys how it works out on my Youtube Channel Subscribe if you wanna see that.

You can fire fish hooks attached to fishing line which would be super handy for catching our food from the lake or wherever. You can fire BB’s which i suppose would be useful for creating a distraction. And then there’s the ability to fire an actual arrow which is pretty cool but im not sure i would trust the arrow to fly true and hit my target.

BB'S Fish Hooks, and Arrows can all be used.
BB’S, Fish Hooks, and Arrows can all be used.
Clip allows arrow to be fired

Link: Slingshot Catapult Aliexpress

Folding Hunting Knife

Are true hunting knives usually foldable? I have no idea but this is my choice of hunting knife from Aliexpress. Its a no nonsense knife which is small enough to fit a pocket (folded) but big enough to do its job.

Large Foldable Knife Aliexpress
Large Foldable Knife Aliexpress

Link: Foldable Knife

Zombie Survival Tools

There are a million tools we could take with us and use but this is zombie survival and we need to travel as light as we can. Having said that i fear when im done this kit will be far from light. OK there are obvious tools we will need and im listing them here:


Torches are a must for any kind of tool kit let alone a survival kit. Were gonna need a powerful lightweight torch with a decent battery. I’ll get 2, a mini one and a larger sized torch.

Mini LED Flashlight

I actually bought one of these a while ago and i have used it quite a bit. The battery in it has been amazing since i have never needed to replace it yet.

Lightweight Mini Torch Aliexpress
Lightweight Mini Torch Aliexpress

Link: Mini Flashlight

Baseball Bat LED Flashlight

I literally only just came across this and i think its a great idea. Shine the light in the zombies eyes to stun it then bash its head in. Perfect. These come in various sizes. I’ll go for the mid sized bat.

Baseball Bat Flashlight Aliexpress
Baseball Bat Flashlight Aliexpress

Link: Baseball Bat Flashlight

Lock picking kit

A lock picking kit will come in super handy for getting into locked gun store cabinets and other buildings. I ordered one of these kits which came last week and did a giveaway with it. Was kind gutted i did because i really enjoyed playing around with it and picking locks.

See my lock picking video below.

Picking a lock with kit bought from Aliexpress
Lock picking kit Aliexpress
Lock picking kit Aliexpress

Link: Lock Picking Kit

Strong hatchet

Self explanatory this. We can use them for a multitude of tasks like chopping wood for a fire.

Felling Hatchet Aliexpress
Felling Hatchet Aliexpress

Link: Hatchet

Multi Function Watch

This watch i have chosen is the perfect survival watch in my opinion (For the money). It has multiple features including a compass, barometer, altimeter, and thermometer. It is of course waterproof and is digital. Aside from those features a watch comes in handy for timing your journey and working out distance based on an approximate speed you traveled at.

Multi function Watch Aliexpress
Multi function Watch Aliexpress

Link Multi Feature Watch

Multipurpose Tool

This needs no explanation. It is what it is – Useful

Multi Tool Aliexpress
Multi Tool Aliexpress

Link: Multi-Tool

Strong carabiner’s and Rope

Good quality carabiners and tough durable rope is essential. Good for hanging things from our backpacks and the rope can be used for a multitude of things.

Link: Carabiner – Link: Rope

Zombie Survival First Aid

It’s obvious to say first aid is important but it really is. No one ever survives a zombie apocalypse without at least one band aid being used on their person. However, if you get bitten by a zombie that would be it – curtains as they say.

Medical care – First Aid

Nice big kit this one. Seems to have everything we need for basic first aid such as, bandages, band aids (plasters), scissors, safety pins, and plenty other bits.

First aid kit Aliexpress
First aid kit Aliexpress

Link: Medi-kit

Pain killers

OK so Aliexpress has no drugs of any kind, not even pain killers. I would have to find a drug store (pharmacy) on my travels. Or go for natural pain killers If i can find them.

Zombie Survival Gear

There are some general zombie survival items we’ll need and i will list them here.


Binoculars are needed for obvious reasons, they allow you to see the enemy (mother in-law) coming from a distance which in turn helps you make decisions on the best way to make an escape. These are good enough for that job, plus they are light weight and small-ish.

Binoculars From Aliexpress

Link: Bijia Binoculars Aliexpress

Chemical Gas Mask

In the TV show Walking dead you have to get bit by a zombie to become a zombie so they don’t need gas masks. But in a real life situation you’d want a chemical gas mask from Aliexpress just in case the virus was air born. This one looks to be very capable.

15 in 1 Gas Mask Aliexpress

Link: Gas Mask

Walkie Talkies

We are going to need these if we want to find other people and for when we do find other people. I would take a bunch of these walkie talkies so that i can hand them to any potential survivors for future use. These walkie talkies below have thousands of sales and a ton of feedback so its a natural choice.

Walkie Talkies From Aliexpress
Walkie Talkies From Aliexpress

Link: Walkie Talkies

Zombie Survival Camping Gear

Fire Starting Kit

The more equipment you have in this fire starting kit the better. These items are perfect for quickly starting a fire, which important if we want to keep warm and make a hot drink. Some of these items require Kerosene which i don’t believe cant be found on Aliexpress so that would need sourced elsewhere.

1. Link: Emergency Fire Starter
2. Link: Mini Jet Torch
3. Link: Fluff Lighter
4. Link: Collapsible BlowPipe
5. Link: Flint Fire Starter

Survival Backpack

A good quality backpack is an absolute must. I would take 2, a large one and a smaller one.

The 70L backpack would be left in the car most of the time filled with items i don’t need on my person all the time.

70l Backpack Aliexpress
70l Backpack Aliexpress

Link 70L Backpack

This 35L Backpack i would have on my person most of the time with items i use most often.

35l  Backpack Aliexpress
35l Backpack Aliexpress

Link: 35L Backpack

Survival Tent

We would only need a tent if we wasn’t house hopping. Personally i don’t think i’d ever use one. I mean if you are snoring while asleep your going to attract hoards of zombies without knowing it. My wife says i snore which i disputed until she showed me video evidence. Having said all that i will add a tent to my list.

Tent From Aliexpress
UltraLight Tent From Aliexpress

Link: Ultralight Tent

Sleeping Bag

Of course if you have a tent you would need a sleeping bag to use inside it. Nothing special needed here. Just something light weight.

Ultra Light Sleeping Bag Aliexpress
Ultra Light Sleeping Bag Aliexpress

Link: Light Weight Sleeping Bag

Camping Stove

Since Aliexpress don’t sell gas canisters or things like that i will go for a stove that allows the burning of coal and wood. I like the look of this one so its on the list.

 Outdoor Portable Grill Aliexpress
Outdoor Portable Grill Aliexpress

Link: Outdoor Camping Grill

General Cooking Equipment

We are going to need some basic equipment for cooking with and some basic tools for eating with along with drinking vessels.

Fire Maple Pan set with Kettle

Pan Set Aliexpres
Pan Set Aliexpres

Link: Fire Maple Pans

Portable Cutlery Set

There are no forks or knives in this kit but i don’t mind that. I can use my hunting knife for anything that requires slicing.

Outdoor Cutlery Set
Outdoor Cutlery Set Aliexpress

Link: Outdoor Portable Cutlery

BPA Free Tritan Water Bottle

I would get a few of these bottles and hang them om my backpacks with the carabiner’s i got.

Water Bottles Aliexpress
Water Bottles Aliexpress

Link: Light Weight BPA Free Bottle

Zombie Survival Food

OK food is a little tricky to get from Aliexpress but i did manage to find some stuff i could nibble on. For any real food i would need to hunt down animals which is fine by me.

Womens Zombie Survival Kit

Obviously all of the items above are not exclusively for male use. But i realize that some of the items are not very feminine plus there are items that only women need so i have made a section here just for women’s zombie survival.

Make Up

For some women this isn’t an issue. But for others it’s an absolute must to have a bag of make up at hand. My wife is beautiful but she would never leave the house without make up on her face (even if everyone was dead). Personally i think it’s a mental health issue but i ain’t going into that here. (Disclaimer: I know nothing about make up so i chose items that had the best reviews).


OK i chose this one because they have sold a lot and reviews are heavily positive. So i think this is used for uneven skin tone?


Concealer i believe is used for darkness around or under the eyes. This one is popular on Aliexpress so its on the list.


My wife tells me that if she could only wear one item of make up and nothing else she would choose mascara. So obviously this makes the list of important make up items.

Eye Liner

Again this is another item i chose based on reviews. Average score of 4.8/5 from 70 votes is pretty good.

Eye Brow Pencil

Another item my wife insists is a must is eye brow make up. I went with this one because it has thousands of reviews.

We could add eye shadow but im going to stick with the 5 items in my list that my wife can’t live without.

Camouflage Hoody

My wife chose this one because she likes the look and its more feminine than the clothing above.

Cargo Joggers

She also chose these cargo joggers. Originally she went with something else but i insisted they had pockets so she went with these.

Ankle Boots

High heels are a no no for very obvious reasons so we went with these motorcycle ankle boots.

There are other things a woman is likely to carry with her such as sanitary items and things for grooming, my wife assures me women would want to look after themselves even through an apocalypse so things like perfume and hair brushes should be added to our survival kit. Im not going to list these things but if you want a look: – woman’s section on Aliexpress

Zombie Survival Companion

Last but definitely not least is companionship. If we never find other survivors we are going to struggle mentally and physically. By nature we as humans need to socialise and interact with others to stay healthy. If we can’t do that then the next best thing would be erm………love dolls. Sounds nuts i know but would you rather talk to soccer balls like Phil Miller did in Last man on Earth? No, me neither the guy was a nut case. (Great TV show, you should check it out.)

Love Dolls From Aliexpress

Female Love Doll

Yep your seeing and reading this correctly, my list of crucial zombie survival items includes a love doll. It’s not as crazy as you might think, i mean if there is no one else around why not fall in love with a pretty imitation of a real woman? or man, i don’t judge.

Meet Nicola the love Doll from Aliexpress
Meet Nicola the Doll from Aliexpress

Link: Nicola The Love Doll

I like to call this one Nicola. She’s pretty right? Now i could carry her ass everywhere with me or i could find her a nice place to stay and visit her on lonely nights or when i fancy a nice……

Male Love Doll

Of course it would be wrong of me to not include a male love doll in my list so here he is. I’ll call him Dave.

Dave the Doll from Aliexpress
Dave the Doll from Aliexpress

Link Delectable Dave

Choice is really limited on the male love dolls on Aliexpress probably because there are more male weirdos that buy female dolls than there are females that buy male dolls so i apologize if you feel i could have done better.

Well that concludes my list of zombie survival items from Aliexpress. It’s taken me days to write this so i hope its been a good read for you.

If you feel there is something that should be added then please do comment below and mention it. This list will evolve over time no doubt.

By Tom-BFA

13 thoughts on “Can I Build a Zombie Apocalypse Survival kit using Aliexpress?”
  1. You certainly could, and building a hypothetical kit can be a fun exercise. That said, yours needs work.

    To start with, you’re just carrying too much. Remember, the more gear you carry the less room you have for food and water, and those limit how far you can travel. Since you never know where you will be able to find more, the more you can carry, and the more efficiently you can travel, the less your odds of running out of food in the middle of nowhere and starving before you can find more. That’s a very serious concern. Carrying more also burns more calories and tires you out more, so the less you carry the less food and water you will use, further increasing your potential range.

    Honestly, there’s probably too much here to do a full critique of everything, and I certainly can’t get in to individual products, so this is just the bullet points. In no particular order:

    Starting with an easy one. You don’t need that tactical vest. For one thing, those are terrible and no one who uses a tactical vest wears one like that. Those are mostly for kids playing airsoft. Second, you don’t need a tactical vest. You don’t have any of the things that you would carry in a tactical vest, except maybe a flashlight.

    Speaking of which, get rid of the baseball bat flashlight thing. That’s absurd. It’s not going to be useful against zombies, not in the slightest, and having a flashlight that big is just dead weight. You want a lightweight head lamp, and a small handheld flashlight as backup. That’s all you need, unless you also have a long gun, in which case you probably want a weapon mounted light. You don’t, so that’s not an issue for you.

    Your bow is going to be pretty much useless against zombies, for a variety of reason I won’t get in to, and very heavy. You could use it for hunting if you know how to use it, but you clearly don’t. The reel attachment is for bow fishing, which is a thing you should google. If you didn’t know that, then you don’t know how to bow fish so don’t worry about it. If you don’t know how to use a bow, and I mean really well, then it’s not worth the weight.

    The sling shot can be used for small game, and some of them can shoot arrows but I don’t think they have the draw weight to take down anything serious. I don’t know about the specific model. With enough practice you might be able to use that, but they aren’t easy to use. Carry this or the bow, but definitely not both.

    You don’t need two pairs of boots. If you have an extra, leave them in the car or in a base. Boots are fairly heavy, and bulky to pack. You wouldn’t want them hanging off your pack because they will swing back and forth and throw off your balance slightly, forcing you to use more effort when you walk. You want to have everything strapped down tight if you can.

    You don’t need climbing rope. Some lightweight carabiners are handy, but you won’t be climbing anything if you’re smart so you don’t need climbing ones. For general purpose cordage, go with paracord or bank line.

    For the love of God, you do not need a cutlery set. You especially don’t need one that is more elaborate than what I use at home, and takes up half of a pack. You already have a knife. Add a plastic spork and you’re good to go.

    You don’t need a whole mess kit with multiple pans. You need one pot, and you share it. A small plastic mug/measuring cup for each person is useful as well.

    You don’t need a camp stove. Some of them can make your fire burn more efficiently, but they aren’t worth the weight. And that one looks more like a fancy pot holder than a stove that would improve efficiency. Skip it.

    Those water bottles are heavier than they need to be. Use one liter “smart water” bottles or something similar. They do the same thing with less weight.

    You need a water purifier.

    You don’t need a tomahawk and a hatchet. That hawk looks like mall ninja gear, so go with the hatchet. Can’t comment on that specific model.

    You don’t need a folding knife and a multi tool. That’s redundant. Either get a fixed blade hunting knife and a multi tool as backup, or go with just the multi tool and you can always use your hatchet as a cutting tool if that breaks.

    You can’t carry two backpacks at once, and you won’t always be operating out of a car. If you are going to use two packs, the way to do that is to have a smaller pack that attaches to the outside of the larger one. Many military backpacks, including the ones the marines use, do this. However, that system adds a ton of extra weight to your pack, and it is almost never useful. You don’t need or want that. Just go with one backpack, and make sure that it is as light as you can get it while still being able to carry what you need to carry. Which in your case is probably not 70L because that’s too much. For perspective, my backpacking kit fits into a 45L pack with some room to spare. Remember that a backpack is one of the heaviest individual pieces of kit you will carry, so you want to choose carefully.

    Those clothes look like they are made of cotton, which isn’t ideal. You should also avoid anything with a hood, with the exception of rain gear, since hoods are a snag risk. If you need the warmth, wear a hat. And you always want to bring enough warm clothing for the weather, even if you plan on staying indoors most of the time. You never know where you might end up, and freezing can kill you quickly, or force you to burn more calories to stay warm. It’s also important to note that even if you are staying indoors you won’t have heat, and may not be able to light a fire.

    Speaking of which, you need rain gear. In your case I suggest a poncho that can double as a poncho shelter. This way you won’t need the tent, which will drop at least a lb from your kit. That’s huge, in backpacking terms. These aren’t the most comfortable, but that’s ok, especially if you are mostly staying indoors or in the car.

    Your female clothing choices are extremely impractical. It’s harder to find practical outdoor clothing for women, but it’s out there. Practical clothing is generally not designed to look sexy, so if fashion is anywhere in your calculations you are doing it wrong. If anything, a female survivor would want to make it harder for her to be recognized as female at a distance, as it can make her more of a target, so clothes that show off her figure would be a disadvantage.

    Not all sleeping bags are the same. I don’t know the details on that one, but the way you talked about it made me think you didn’t either. A good sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of kit that you will carry, and one of the harder ones to improvise. Like the backpack, you want to pick your sleeping bag carefully.

    And you need a ground pad to go underneath it. These add comfort, but that’s not why you need one. Sleeping bags don’t insulate when compressed, so without something between you and the ground you will lose all of your heat. You’ll be miserable at best, and dead at the worst.

    Add a bandana. They’re just handy.

    Your first aid kit is absurdly large. That’s clearly not designed for backpacking. Get a small, 1-2 person backpacking first aid kit, and an individual trauma kit if you have the training to use one. Don’t carry anything you don’t know how to use.

    Those aren’t walkie talkies. They’re portable HAM radios. HAM radios would be great to have, if you know how to use them, but they’re a lot more complicated than walkie talkies, so unless you’re a licensed HAM operator those aren’t what you want. Of course, as with any electronics, if you carry it you need to be able to charge it. Whether you go with a car based kit or something else, you would need to include the relevant chargers.

    Your fire kit probably has too much redundancy. A little redundancy is good in this are, but too much is dead weight. Especially since some of those options require skill to use. If you aren’t an expert fire builder, getting a fire lit with anything other than an open flame isn’t going to be practical. I suggest packing a pair of bic lighters. One in your pocket and one in your backpack. Keep it simple. And you can ditch the blower thing. Those actually work ok, but they aren’t useful enough to justify the weight.

    Binoculars are useful, but a monocular is lighter and accomplishes pretty much the same thing. This should also be shared.

    And last but not least, you forgot toilet paper.

    This is just off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s more if I dug into it. If you are interested in this sort of thing, I suggest you look in to backpacking. It’s a lot of fun, and you will quickly realize just how much is wrong with this kit. If not before your first trip, then during it 🙂 In fact, I suspect if you actually ordered all this stuff, you wouldn’t even be able to get it all in the pack/on your person.

    1. That is one hell of a reply. And i thank you for it, i feel educated and humbled that you took the time do to that!

  2. Sorry but I would want lot and I mean lots of high powered guns with tons of ammo. Also a flame thrower this gal means buisness.

  3. Great list! Although I think the dolls would be the last thing I’d be worried about when I’m trying to survive but we all know a man can barely survive without a woman so who knows maybe it will help lol.

  4. i think i would fair ok, im pretty street smart, but in the long run i think i would have to team up to really survive

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