Thu. Nov 12th, 2020
GEYOTAR Survival Skull Knife unboxing from Aliexpress

Good little knife this, you never really expect much for a few dollars but it is a solid EDC (Every day carry) knife for the little cost and will be a decent addition to my future collection.

Just want to mention, im not a pro reviewer of knives and i lack the correct terminology when it comes to explaining things in detail so i apologize for that. This website covers everything i buy not just knives, if you want to read knife reviews from someone who knows what they are talking about then check out: Best Chinese Knives

Every Day Carry Knife

It’s not the heaviest of knives but you can feel it in your hand if that makes sense. You know its there which is important in my opinion. Im not a fan of knives that are light weighted.

Knife weighs 62-63g

The image below looks like i didn’t line up the tip with the end of the tape measure but that’s just the angle of the image making it look that way. Total length: 16 cm Blade length: 6.5cm Handle length: 9.5cm

Knife measurements

Its ergonomically OK for my medium hands, it probably wouldn’t fit too well in big hands though.

Thew knife fits quite snug in my hand.

Its made from stainless steel through out with plastic sides on the handle. ‘Plastic’ makes it sound cheap (even though it was cheap to buy) but it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s hard to explain what i mean in words but it doesn’t feel like cheap plastic tat, it feels like a quality plastic.

The knife is as solid as the more expensive ones.

The blade opens and holds in place as it should and folds back with relative ease. The blade has a finger notch?

The blade sits tightly in place

Overall this is not a bad little knife for the very low cost of $3 and will be a decent addition to your collection of budget knives.

Get your own: GEYOTAR Survival Skull Knife 

Geyotar Survival Skull Knife

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