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Before I start I want to say that im not claiming these to be the best gifts im very simply just sharing a bunch of gifts I bought my own family from Aliexpress for Christmas. These have already been bought but are yet to arrive, I will do videos on each item at a later date on my YouTube channel.

The shops are always quick to get Christmas stuff in. Which annoys me immensely especially when they are stocking up just after Easter has ended. but this year i think getting into the Christmas spirit early can be forgiven after the year we have and are all enduring. So with that said, in no particular order………

Wooden Kalimba

I featured this item in my 20 weird items article and always planned to buy one. And now i have, it’ll make a great gift for a musical member in my family.

Kalimba Thumb Piano

See Current Deals on this item: Kalimba Piano

Kalimba Piano Video

The Kalimba Piano Arrived!


I got this as a joke and will probably use it as a stocking filler for granny as a wind up gift (Literally). Wind this bad boy up and watch him go at it like a lunatic. His face reminds me of someone famous but i can’t put my finger on it, nor would i want to.

Wind up Gift for Granny

Super cheap this one: Wind Up Gift

So this has since arrived and i have been playing around with it….


Who doesn’t love dinosaurs, especially ones like the T-Rex. There are many others to choose from and they have excellent reviews so it was a no brainer. This will go on a shelf in my little boys bedroom to just sit there looking mean.

T-Rex Dinosaur From Aliexpress

Check out the others: Model Dinosaurs

This guy has since arrived. Video below !!!

T Rex is the daddy of Dinosaurs

Tea Strainer

No idea who I am giving this to yet but lets hope they strain their tea rather than use tea bags otherwise it will have been wasted money. Although it may well be wasted money anyway since its an ass with poo hanging out of it. Who wants to use one of those?

Strain your tea with an ass

Check it out on Ali: Tea Strainer

Mini Metal Rubber Band Gun

Love things like this, perfect when your bored and need to give yourself something to do without having to move too much. Even better for attacking a loved one without actually harming them. I believe you can load 4 or 5 bands on at a time and fire them one after another without stopping to reload.

Rubber Band Gun Folds away

Super Cool: Mini Rubber Band Gun

Contact Lenses – Russian Brown

Might seem like an odd gift but it’ll only be a stocking for my fiance who likes to change her appearance periodically (sigh). Sometimes i think there is a stranger in the house when i walk in. Got good reviews so i thought i’d try some.

Russian Brown Lenses

Check out the other colors: Contact Lenses

Screw Extractors

This is a gift to myself, i do a lot of up-cycling and often come across damaged screws that need extracting. This will do the job nicely for not alot of money.

Perfect for Extracting Screws

Check them out here: Screw Extraction

Owl Money Bank

Granddad loves to save 20 pence pieces in a little tin, at last count he had £70 which is roughly 90 dollars US. Why he saves 20 pences and no other coins is a mystery. This owl bank should hold quite a few. I saw these exact ones at a furniture store i got to and they were selling them for £20 ($25) On Aliexpress they are wayyyy cheaper.

Owl Money Bank

Take a look: Owl Money Bank


Im 36 and not afraid to tell you that i love the cars films, ive seen them all and re-watch them regularly. This cool toy however isn’t for me its for my 2 year old. There are may different cars to choose from all reasonably priced.

Tormentor – Disney Pixar

See other options here: Disney Pixar Cars

Crystal Moon Ball

My mum loves things like this so this moon ball is for her. It changes color automatically and is small and compact which is perfect for those little spaces on your shelves or cabinets. You can also get solar system globes which is cool.

Check them out: Crystal Moon Ball

BullDog Car Air Freshener

These seem to be a thing right now so after reading good reviews decided to get my brother one for his car. They come in array of colors including gold and silver.

Check out colors and prices: Bulldog Air Freshener

S of A SAMCRO Hoody

Love Sons of Anarchy and so does my 16 yr old, so this ones for him. Make sure to follow size guides carefully if you ever order clothing from Aliexpress.

Sons Of Anarchy Hoody

See other options: SOA Hoodies

Desert Eagle Lego Style Pistol

This came today and i made a video (see below). Super fun for little boys and girls of course, you have the fun of building it but then you have the fun of firing little ball bearings afterwards too. Sweet!

Can you name the TV show?

Get your own here: Desert Eagle Pistol

Come share your purchases on reddit: r/Aliexpress_Addicts

Well, that’s it for now, i’ll probably come back to this and add more since i can’t resist the urge to buy stuff from Aliexpress when i have spare cash. I hope you liked it and got some ideas for gifts even if they are not from Aliexpress. Please share this page and Have a good day!!!

By Tom-BFA

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