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How to operate SQ8 Mini DV Camera SQ8 Spy camera Manual

The manual that comes with these camera’s is terrible so im going to clear it up for you with my own easy to understand SQ8 Mini DV Camera manual. Note: Videos are saved as avi files. I have added a video at the bottom of this article if you would prefer a visual demonstration.

SQ8 How to record in 720p?

720p Is lesser quality than 1080p but the files are smaller in size which is useful if you don’t need to record high quality videos. 720p looks perfectly fine on smaller screens like tablets and mobiles so unless your watching your videos on big screens like a 32″+ TV i’d stick to 720p recording.

  1. Press the On/Off button for a second until a steady blue light shows
  2. Now press the On/Off button again – We are now recording.
  3. Once you have finished recording press the On/Off button again and recording will stop and we will be back in standby mode.

SQ8 Camera – How to record in 1080p?

As i said above because of the difference in quality the size of a 1080p video is much larger and takes up more space on your SD card. 1080p videos look great on larger screens such as laptops and TV’s.

  1. While in standby mode press the mode button once – The light will be a mix of blue and red, this means we are in 1080p mode.
  2. To start recording press the On/Off button once. We are now recording
  3. To stop recording in 1080p press the On/Off button again. We have now stopped recording.

SQ8 camera – How to take a photo?

According to the poorly written manual this little camera takes 12mp pictures. I don’t believe this to be true and at a guess i would say its more around 5mp to 8mp.

  1. While in standby mode press the mode button – The light will go a steady red.
  2. To take a photo press the On/Off button once for each photo you want to take. So if you press the On/Off button 10 times you will have taken 10 pictures.
  3. To exit photo mode press the mode button once – this will take us back to 720p standby mode.

SQ8 Camera – How to use Night Vision Mode?

  1. While in Standby Mode press and hold the On/Off button for 2 seconds – The light will flash red.
  2. To start recording in night vision mode press the On/Off button. We are not recording.
  3. To stop recording in night vision press the On/Off button again. We have now stopped recording.

SQ8 Camera – How to use Motion Detection Mode?

  1. While in 720p standby mode press the mode button for 3 seconds – The light will flash 3 times – we are now recording in motion detection mode.
  2. To stop recording press the On/Off Button.

Motion Detection in 1080p

  1. While in standby 720p mode press the mode button – we are now in 1080p mode.
  2. Now press and hold the mode button for 3 seconds – the light will flash 3 times – we are now recording.
  3. To stop recording press the On/Off button.

How to charge SQ8 mini Dv Camera

Charging this camera is super simple. Just use the USB cable and plug it into the camera with the other end in your PC, laptop or USB plug. While charging it will flash red. Once it has fully charged it will remain a solid red.

How long to charge the SQ8 Mini DV Camera

According to the manual that comes with this camera it takes an hour to charge. From testing myself i have charged it from flat to full in around 45 minutes.

What if My SQ8 isn’t working?

If it isn’t working as it should then you could send it back and claim a refund or hit the little reset button. Resetting the camera could solve a lot of issues.

SQ8 Camera has a reset button
Hit the little reset button with a pin

How to Use SQ8 Mini DV camera – Watch Video

SQ8 Mini DV Camera Instructions

SQ8 Mini DV Camera features

1. Mini size for convenience and portability. Use it anywhere – at home, in the office, at live events, in meetings, etc.
2. High-def: 1080P and 720P
3. Use day or night with IR night vision
4. Adjustable 360 degrees
5. Motion detection automatically begins recording when it detects motion.
6. Connect to your TV to view footage.
7. 200mAh battery only takes about 1 hour to fully charge

SQ8 Mini DV Camera Specifications

Material: Zinc alloy
Dimensions: Approx. 2 x 2 x 1.6 cm (0.7 x 0.7 x 0.6 in)
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Memory: TF card, up to 32 GB (not included)
Interface: Mini 8 pin USB
Video coding: M-JPG
Video FPS: 30fps
Battery: 200mAh (included)
PC camera resolution: 320 x 240
Video resolution: 1920 x 1080/1280 x720
Video (compression) format: AVI
Image scale: 4:3
Player: Comes with operating system or mainstream player
Continuous video recording time: 60 Minutes
Compatibility: Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Mac OS, Linux
Weight: Approx. 75g

Well you should be able to record some videos now without too much headache. I hope this article was of some use to you. Feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks!

By Tom-BFA

40 thoughts on “How to operate SQ8 Mini DV Camera : SQ8 Spy camera Manual”
  1. I bought an sq8 camera off eBay and kept trying to get it to work thinking I was just misunderstanding the instructions. I have watched a couple videos now and I believe that the camera I got is defective. I have tried every way listed to get into different modes and no matter what once I turn it on it won’t do anything. If I press the mode button the light changes from blue to red then if I press mod or on/off it flashes purple? (blue/red together) it does this with every different way I have tried. My TV says there is no signal on USB or av mode.

    1. So many of these little budget camera’s are sold that the odd bad one is inevitable. It does seem faulty since blue and red together is 1080p mode but the way you describe whats happening its clearly faulty.

      Request another be sent to you immediately – they shouldn’t make an issue of it and send one right out.

    2. I have the same problem, I have tried to change the card, to reset the camera but it does not record. This is what happens to me: I turn on the camera and it has the blue light on, I click on the ON/OFF button to record, it starts blinking blu, then it blinks red 3 times and then it does not record anything. I do not understand why it blinks red, like if it has no card in. But the card is there because when I connect the camera to my computer I can see the TF card, empty….

  2. Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial on using this camera. The instructions that came with the camera are absolutely horrible! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    1. You are welcome. I know what you mean with the instructions, when it arrived i was scratching my head for a while trying to figure what they were telling me. Im glad you understood my version.

  3. What an excellent set of instructions and video. many thanks and congratulations. I believe I can operate the camera now, but have several issues with the one I purchased apart from the very badly translated instructions. The IR night vision does not apper to work, because I get an extremely dark file when I record in that mode and I am unable to detect that the 4 IR lights are alight.
    I purchased the camera to use in night mode and at the same time in motion detection. Do you know if this is possible?
    I have contcted my supplier about the night vision.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Disappointing about the IR Night Vision and i think you may have a faulty one there.

      Night vision and motion detection i don’t think work together and now i give it thought i don’t understand why they wouldn’t make it so. It seems silly to not have that function.

      I have looked around and gone over the instructions again to see if there are any clues but i’m finding nothing helpful.

      If you learn otherwise could you let me know?

      Thanks Barry

      1. First of all thanks for the instruction video, i now am able to operatie this camera.
        I have hooked up the camera to a small display and found out that after selection of the motion detection mode, the recording starts when the on/off button is pressed without having detected motion.
        This initial recording continues for about 5 minutes.
        From this point motion detection is active. When a motion is detected a 5 minutes recording period is started.
        I also found that motion detection works in combination with night vision.
        I will come back on that tomorrow.

    2. Hi Barry

      The human eye cannot see Infrared. The only reason you can see them in the video is because the camera recording the video can see Infrared.

      Press the On/Off button until the blue light comes on. Now press the On/Off button again for four, five or even six seconds and then release the button. If the red light flashes three times you are in Standby Night Mode.

  4. I’m hoping someone else has run into this… I purchased the camera from here:

    It only came with a usb cable and did not have the yellow S.Video plug. It does not record while charging though it is advertised as being able to do so.

    When I start recording in 720p mode, it stops recording after 10 minutes, starts a new file which is empty. I’m using a 32gb TF sd card. There is a folder called “VIDEO” and a text file called “time.txt” but nothing else.

    Does anyone know how to keep the recording going? I read something somewhere about putting something in the text file but it wasn’t clear.

    1. Hi David

      It may seem strange but the camera will not record if the USB is plugged in to a computer. Use or buy a mains plug with a USB connector in it as your external power source. A computer will automatically use the camera as a CCTV Camera.

      It does not matter what mode I am using to record video I get recordings that are five minutes long. If you have not already done so press the reset button and see if that cures the problem. Do not leave the mini USB plugged in to the camera if you have not got it connected to an EXTERNAL power source. That could be the reason you are having problems.

      The standard lead for the camera has both the mini USB and the Yellow video plug so if you still cannot get the camera to work properly, send it back and make sure they check the right cable is inside be for they send a replacement.

  5. Hi mate, thanks so much for this. When I try to use my camera it just flashes red/blue for a few seconds then turns itself off. From other sites it says the camera does this when it has no card in it, but it has a 64GB Mini SD in there. That I took from another camera so it should be formatted properly. Any ideas? Thanks for any help you can offer. All the best, Marty

    1. Actually just pressed the reset button with a paperclip and all working. Thanks so much for the above, the instructions were just not going to work… 🙂

      1. Ah great mate glad you got it sussed. I don’t believe i spoke about the reset button in the article or video, I’ve added it to this article now so thanks for that.

  6. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the wonderful video. I only received my camera yesterday and was also quite bamboozled by the manual that came with it.
    As I haven’t got a memory card installed yet, I haven’t been able to try it out, but looking at the other comments above I’m disappointed that it may not be able to do both IR and motion detection at the same time. The specific reason I bought it was to monitor my back yard at night as I’ve recently had unwanted intruders.

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply. I did see your comment the day you posted it and planned on getting the camera out that same day to see if i could figure it out but i totally forgot. I still haven’t tried it but Robert’s comment below seems to have the answer.

  7. Hi Greg

    I also recently received an SQ8 camera for a friend but I need to get the Memory card from there old spy camera before I can test it.

    Anyhow, when you get your TF card try this and see if it works.

    1. Press the On/Off button for a second until you see a steady blue light showing (720p standby mode).

    2. Press the mode button once, the light will be a mix of blue and red (1080p standby mode).

    3. Press and hold the On/Off button for 2 seconds, the light will flash red (1080p night vision standby mode).

    4. Press and hold the mode button for 3 seconds, the light will flash 3 times and then the camera will start to record in 1080P at night when something near to it moves.

    5. Press the On Off button to return to standby mode.

    Also a very, very big thank you to Tom for explaining how to use the camera. I do not think I would ever have worked out how to use it from the instructions that came with it.

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment Robert. I will definitely try this out and if it works i’ll add it to the article and credit you. Cheers mate.

  8. Thank you so much for a great piece of translation work. Couldn’t get my head around the original instructions but with your clear explanation and video all is ok now.

  9. i have botten these things in the past . i like the weight and the price you can get is good, i still sir to this day,, and i mean seven – months later,, i still dont really understand how they work man.. its an act of god or something, sometimes they hate me sometimes they dont.. luckily whatever i am doing isnt contingent upon my understanding exactly the how and what. one thing i would like to know is , still havent figured out how to mine came with a hook up cord from camera directly to an RCA input jack. you would think that is so simple but . anyways, thank you , its been a few months, im going to take a look at both versions of these instructions again, see if i can figure it out.. my girl used to take care of this kind of things.. life happens. dave __________

  10. I don’t understand how to watch whats being recorded on the camera , after I record it, I wanted it as a spy cam. so how do I watch whats on the actual camera?

    1. Hi Hannah

      If you are using it as a motion detection camera when you go out. When you come back turn the camera off by holding the on button until the the led flashes and goes off.

      Turn your computer on and go to My Computer or the folder on the Win10 Task Bar. Using the lead provided connect the camera to a usb port on your computer and a new drive will appear . Do not turn the camera on.

      Open the new drive and then open the folder called Video. If there are any, open the first of the video’s and win 10 will play each video in turn.

      If you are still using an earlier version of Windows you might have to download VLC media player, which is free.

  11. Hello,

    I have a trouble with my camara, is new and I could not use it. When I push the ON/OFF bottom the blue light is on but one second after is OFF… Is the camara broken?


      The camera will normally do that if you have not bought a 32gb Micro SD Card and inserted it in to the Camera.

      With the camera facing, you insert the SD card contacts first and so you can see the contacts. Be careful, if you miss the slot it fits in to it can end up too far inside the camera to remove it.

      However, if that happens put a sowing needle inside at a 45 Degree angle so it is touching the card and then you can use the case to lever the needle against as you you move the card back out of the camera.

  12. My camara sq8 only record audio it say a masage the it needs a video codec i dont know why i check in all my devices n it say the same plz help what can i do

  13. My camera only records audio, I don’t get any video to go with the sound. Could it be stuck in IR mode? I’ve reset it but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

  14. Hello. I have this camera with a 32GB SD card and it will only record for about 15 min (3 – 5 min videos) on motion detect mode. Tried resetting, tried different SD cards, tried formatting in FAT32 and exFAT. No matter what I try, this is all I get. Same with 720p or 1080 mode. it will only record for about 15min. Battery is fully charged and if I stop it after about 20 min and turn it off, then turn it back on and record again, it does the 15 minutes again, so I know the battery isn’t going dead. Any ideas?

  15. Instructions here really help. SQ8 is useful as a plumbing/wall wiring camera. I have a problem, tho. Trying to use this camera for septic tank works great w auxiliary light, but i found the IR is NOT working. Tested a number of times and am certain I’m using the correct procedure (while in standby press and hold on/off for several seconds until red flashes). I there a way to get a replacement?

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