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Is it safe to use a debit card on AliExpress?

The question “Is it safe to use a debit card on AliExpress” is a question that pops up all over the internet frequently. The short answer is YES it is safe to use your debit and credit card on Aliexpress.

Since Aliexpress was conceived in 2010 they have made millions of sales and have massively improved when it comes to customer satisfaction and buyer safety.

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Buyer Protection Aliexpress

Aliexpress have your back with a buyer protection system which enables you to claim a refund on items which have not arrived or are different to advertised when you purchased them. They guarantee a set date for arrival of your items which makes the process simpler when making a claim for a refund.

So how do i pay with my credit card or debit card?

To pay with your debit card on Aliexpress follow this image guide (Images will enlarge upon clicking). When you see an item you want take the time to check you have chosen the correct color, size, quantity or whatever the choice may be before hitting the buy button.

Hit the buy button

Buyer Protection Aliexpress
Click the buy button.

On the next page you will be met with 3 things. Shipping information, order confirmation and payment method. Add your shipping address if it isn’t already there and check the product is exactly as you expect and enter the amount you want. You can also leave a message for the seller if you wish. I like to leave a nice message here since politeness could get your order to the front of the queue.

Check address and order details

Making sure address has been added to aliexpress order
Add your shipping address.

As you can see below im using Aliexpress standard shipping, i always use standard free shipping because its less hassle. (read why here) Once you have paid it can take up to 7 days for tracking information. See: How to track parcels from Aliexpress And 20-40 days for delivery with this particular item. Its rarely taken 20 days for parcels to arrive to me here in the UK. Im averaging at around 10 days which isn’t bad at all.

leave a message for the seller on aliexpress
Leave a message for the seller if you like.

OK now add your payment method which in this case is our debit card. (mines already added) There are other payment methods (including Paypal for some sellers) but i’ll cover all these in another article.

When i first ever added my card details i checked the box that asked if i wanted to save the details on Aliexpress which is why my card is already chosen in the image below. If you wish to re-enter your card details each time you order leave this box unchecked.

Add debit card details

debit card details are safe on aliexpress
Enter your debit card details.

Once all that is complete you just need to hit the ‘confirm and pay’ button. If you have any coupon/promo codes enter them here. If you don’t head to google search and see if you can find some. Someone, somewhere always has a code you can use. In actual fact i have some here for you if you click here

use coupons on aliexpress
Go ahead and hit the pay button.

Aliexpress has SSL

You don’t need to worry about adding your debit/credit card details on Aliexpress, or any other details for that matter because your details are protected by SSL. This is the same on almost all websites these days but especially on those which require payments and personal information.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.


You can tell whether a site has SSL or not by looking at the url in the address bar. See the padlock? and the https? Those both tell you the site is secure and your information is protected. If you click the little padlock you will get a pop up like this one in the image below. Im not sure how it looks on mobile phones but it will be similar.

Your information is private on Aliexpress

What happens now i paid on Aliexpress?

OK so you now trust your debit/credit card details are safe with Aliexpress and you have placed an order for a lovely little tea cup type thingy. Now its just a waiting game, it will take a few minutes for payment to be fully processed and a few days for tracking information and 20-40 days for delivery.

There is a problem with my order

If you run into any issues like the item not arriving in the guaranteed time or the item not being as described you can open a dispute by going to your orders list, finding the product and clicking the ‘Open Dispute’ button. Take note of the 33 days 18 hours 20 minutes – this is buyer protection, if you didn’t receive your order yet and time is almost up click the dispute link and Extend the buyer protection. If you can’t do that use the Chat Now button at bottom of page to chat to customer services.

open a dispute on aliexpress
Open dispute, track order, or confirm goods received.

Now because to date i have never had an issue im not sure exactly what happens next but i’ll show you this image of what i see when i click the dispute button.

arrival date aliexpress
Guaranteed arrival date has not yet passed

As you can see i cannot open a dispute yet as the guaranteed delivery date has not passed. But i know that your debit/credit card will receive a full refund if you do not receive the item or if its significantly different from how you saw it in the sellers listing.

Why cant i place an order due to security reasons?

On occasion Aliexpress may restrict you from making a purchase if they believe something isn’t quite right and will require you to prove you are the card owner by asking for details such as photo ID and images of the debit/credit card. Don’t worry over this it’s all secure and you will only need to do it once.

You can of course use a different debit/credit card. This usually gets you around the security process.

Aliexpress have preventative measures for fraud
This helps stop fraud on Aliexpress

I hope this article has been of some use to you and helps you realize that Aliexpress is no different to other online marketplaces when it comes to protecting the buyer and debit/credit card safety.

By Tom-BFA

5 thoughts on “Is it safe to use a debit card on AliExpress?”
  1. I would have said yes up until recently. Watching my relative have their Ali-Express account hijacked and a ton of orders placed while watching my relative be refused access to his own account because he didn’t know the order numbers of transactions made by a thief(who also changed the email address on his account) has caused me to have 2nd thoughts.

    Ali-Express helped an identity thief steal an account, make thousands in transactions that my relative was unaware of for nearly a month and refused to help the local police investigate the matter.

    Al-Express is a prepaid burner card sort of affair for me from now on and I will only buy items from there that are unavailable elsewhere.

  2. I have recently had that problem transaction was done and money taken from my bank account. A large amount was transacted to aliexpress .co.gb whatever that means

    1. I have never shopped on Aliexpress. My card was charged 1700 over 6 weeks. Luckily, I discovered this fraud and was credited for the charge. Avoid Ali at all cost is my recommendation. Stick to Amazon.

  3. I also once purchased with alliexpress and received, but after sometime when I wanted to purchase more, I went to the bank to deposit, but to my surprise, when I tried go submit on the payment, I could get an error I have insufficient funds. When I returned to the bank for statements, they showed me that I purchased with online business, and my account had a debt of which I don’t know how it came, because I had never got a loan either, meaning the money I deposited was taken as debt payment. Which I got confused on how it happened.

  4. No, no….Annnnd… NO!

    My capital 1 card was compromised and used to make pitches. I was credited back the cost but was told that this domain is VERy WELL KNOWN tI use compromised banking information. When I tried to view the site from a random untraceable IP Domain… I was immediately re DDF irected to a Chinese website.

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