Thu. Nov 12th, 2020
lock picking kit from aliexpress

Well done to Conor from Oregan who won my locking picking kit from Aliexpress giveaway. I will be sending it on to you in the next few days. Those who didn’t win need not worry i will be doing more giveaways real soon. Want to know what im giving away next? Click here: Mini SQ8 Spy Camera

Lock picking is something i have been interested in since i was a child but never did anything with that interest, until now that is. I will be taking a course in the next year to become a fully qualified locksmith. Im 35 now so i’ll probably get 30 years out of it until i retire.

Aliexpress Lock Picking Video

In my video below you will watch me pick a practice padlock and then pick a padlock of my own with relative ease. It did take some time with the practice lock because i was pushing tension in the wrong direction but considering i started right away from opening the package i think i can be forgiven.

I only use one tool as you will see but to be honest you can pick many locks with just one tool. Some of the other tools are for different jobs like extracting broken keys. The rubber cover is for the padlock so that you can hide the inner pins from being seen making it more difficult for you to pick the lock.

Want to pick your own lock? Lock picking kit Aliexpress

Picking a lock with lock picking kit from Aliexpress was easy.

Locking picking tool quality

The tools are surprisingly good quality. You need the wrenches to be strong and they really are. Crappy wrenches bend under tension but as you can see these were up to the job. The padlock itself is well made and solid which is exactly what we want. overall the quality is great and these should last you a good while.

Is it worth the price

Absolutely, its good fun and will get you out of a pickle if you ever accidentally lock your keys away. $10 is not a lot of money for something that could potentially save you $100’s and if you ever hired a locksmith you know they are cost heavy.

Thanks for reading (and watching) leave a comment below if you have any thoughts.

By Tom-BFA

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