Thu. Nov 12th, 2020

OK so Shoe laces aint exactly worth writing about but this website has been built with the purpose of writing about what i buy from AliExpress so here it is.

You can buy them in many colors and cost less than $2 for a pair. They are 3mm thick and roughly 100cm long. While the the plastic bits are strong they do have a cheap feel to them. But then they are indeed just that….cheap.

Locking Shoe Laces From AliExpress Get yours HERE

The point of these locking shoe laces is to take away the need to fasten your laces the regular way. Which is useful i suppose since tying/untying shoe laces is a boring task and something you can’t be bothered to do after a long jog. You just pull the butting thing thing and voilĂ  its done.

By Tom-BFA

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