Thu. Nov 12th, 2020

Every once in a while i order trainers from Aliexpress, usually Nike Air Max of some kind. Up to now they have arrived in top condition and have been excellently made. In fact this pair i’m showing you today are probably the best i have ever had from Aliexpress. Video at the bottom of this page.

Buying trainers from Aliexpress can be a bit daunting especially since they have a bad rep for poorly made fake goods and the sizes are confusing, hopefully i can help you out with those things today.

Where the Trainers damaged upon arrival?

Box was damaged but the Nike Tn trainers were unharmed.

The trainers were packaged in a branded Nike box within a postal bag. The box was battered but the trainers were not damaged at all. If they were to be a gift for someone you would need a new box to put them in. In many cases i put trainers directly in a gift bag anyway.

How long did it take for the Trainers to arrive from Aliexpress?

They were ordered on the 19 of October and arrived on the 6th of November if i remember correctly. Which is around 18 days. 18 days is longer than what i average at which is 10 days but 18 days is still good.

How much were the Nike Tn Air Max?

They cost me around $63 which is £49 UK sterling. From Nike’s official website they cost $171 which is £134 UK sterling. Prices are changing all the time however and you should definitely shop around on Aliexpress to get a good deal on Nike Air Max Trainers.

Are the Nike Tn’s good quality?

I believe honesty is key when writing reviews and honest is what i am. If its rubbish i’ll tell you its rubbish. But, these are not rubbish – these are extremely well made trainers with all the stitching and gluing done as it should be. The ticks and little logo’s are placed correctly and solidly just as they would be on genuine Nike’s. You can see in the pictures and video at the bottom of this page how well made they are.

There is one thing – i have seen somewhere (can’t remember where) that the rubber on the soles wear down quickly on trainers from Aliexpress which is something i can’t speak about right now but i will update this article in future if it proves to be the case.

See the images or go straight to the video at the bottom.

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Nike Tn Air Max Plus Video

Nike Air Max Tn Plus Review Video

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By Tom-BFA

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