Thu. Nov 12th, 2020
Retro Games console review : 620 games

Nothing gets the childhood memories flowing like a retro gift does, and this Retro games console does exactly that for me. I wasn’t what you would call a pro gamer when i was younger and i probably only played 20 or so games but that matters not because the few games I have played are on this retro console along with another 600 i didn’t play.

Watch the video (or don’t) and underneath it you will find the nes 620 games list.

Retro Nes Games Console Video

Want one? Click: Retro Games Console

Retro Nes Console Games List – 620 Games

Click the images to enlarge them.

Nes 620 games list 1 ( 1-310 )
Nes Games List 2 ( 311-620 )

Why does it resemble a NES – Nintendo Entertainment System?

I have no idea but its probably designed that way to help it sell better by evoking nostalgia. I’m not sure if the NES came with game pads that had those 4 red buttons you see in the image below, i think they only ever had 2. Maybe you can enlighten me on that. Overall the console is smaller than the actual NES.

The retro console resembles the NES

How is the Retro Console Connected to the TV?

The console i purchased connects via a AV cable that goes from the console to the back of the TV. You can get HDMI output consoles but in my hurry to buy one didn’t think about it and got the AV output – which is fine.

Retro Games Console AV Cable

Retro Games Console Power Cable

Depending on where you come from in the world will determine which power plug you will receive. As you can see i have an adapter for the UK.

UK power adapter

Retro Games Console Gamepad

As i said earlier the gamepads come with a choice of 2 and 4 buttons. They are strong and will take a lot of usage.

Retro Gamepads are good quality

Overall this is a great fun retro games console. Its not in the same league as the consoles of today i’ll admit but if your around my age (35) and older you will appreciate the fact we don’t always need super graphics to enjoy an hour or two in front of the TV playing mindless games.

  • Fun Factor 9/10
  • Ease of Use 7/10
  • Build Quality 8/10
  • Instructions 9/10
  • Packaging 8/10

Grab Your Console Here: Retro Games Console

Well that’s it i think. I don’t usually try to write review type articles so i hope its OK for you. If not let me know below and i will adjust accordingly.

Oh btw, I want to thank B.J from Alabama for entering and winning the giveaway of one of these consoles. It has been sent out to you and will be there shortly.

By Tom-BFA

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