Thu. Nov 12th, 2020

I love science, especially when it doesn’t cost a fortune to perform an experiment. I was browsing Aliexpress and came across some cool science experiments for less than $5 each and i will share them with you here. These are my personal top 5 science experiments for kids from Aliexpress.

5. Rope Climbing Robot

The robot climbs along the rope itself

Get yours: Cliffhanging Robot

This one requires assembly and a couple batteries and then it will climb across a rope tirelessly until either its arms fall off or the batteries die out. Kids will enjoy this one im sure.

4. DIY Electrical Motor

The motor will rotate when electricity is applied.

Get yours here: DIY Motor

Attach negative and positive wire to this and the other ends to a battery and watch this sucker spin like crazy. This experiment is a good way of trying to explain how some of your child’s toys operate within.

3. DIY Electric Elevator

Lift operates both upwards and downwards

Get a lift: DIY Elevator

OK so the way a lift operates is probably much more complex than what we have here but nevertheless its a good basic way of showing a child how they work.

2. Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulics make this lift work.

Get one here: Hydraulic Lift

Another type of lift this one with another way of doing the lifting. Hydraulics and how they work can be taught in simple terms to children with this particular science toy.

1. Hand Crank Generator

Bulb Lights Up as You Turn the Crank

Get yours here: Kids hand cranked experiment

Yet another that requires assembly is this generator style experiment. This one shows us how we can generate electricity by using a crank rather than have a battery provide the power for us.

Thanks for reading, i know these are not mind blowing science experiments but they are simple for kids and all cost less than $5 each so they are cheap as chips.

By Tom-BFA

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