Thu. Nov 12th, 2020

You can start tracking your parcel from Aliexpress right away by entering your tracking number in the box below. If you need to know how to find your tracking number to do this then read on below.

How to find my tracking number on Aliexpress

Its not difficult to find your tracking number on Aliexpress once you know how, just follow my guide below.

Start by going to and signing in. Then find your orders list seen in the image below.

Find your orders on Aliexpress

Aliexpress Orders List

Next find the order you want to track. Note that sometimes a tracking number won’t be available for a few days after you purchase a product. If x number of days have passed you will likely have a tracking number so click ‘Track order’

Track order button in your orders list

Parcel Status

Next you will be met with this page, sometimes it gives you clear information on where your parcel is and when it got there. Sometimes the information is very vague. You can see your tracking number near the bottom of the page. Copy it.

Details of shipment are here

Next, come back here to this page and enter your tracking number and hit the track button. As you can see from the image below my parcel is with royal mail in Great Britain and is firmly on its way to me.

This tracker not only works for China Mail it works for pretty much every well known courier in the world. Go ahead and input any tracking number from previous orders you made elsewhere.

I hope that’s of some help to you. Thanks for visiting and happy shopping on Aliexpress.

By Tom-BFA

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